MileBox and Innovobot unveil MileBox: 100% cargo ebike




Launch of MileBox: A 100% electric cargo bike designed and manufactured in Quebec.


Montreal, November 14, 2023 – Sarah Houde, former CEO of Propulsion Québec, the cluster for electric and smart transportation, is venturing into the entrepreneurial world. The businesswoman is partnering with Innovobot, a Montreal-based investment and innovation platform, to launch MileBox, a 100% electric cargo bike designed in Quebec for year-round use. It is a connected electric cargo bike, aimed at commercial last-mile delivery, assembled in Quebec, and primarily made of Canadian parts.

“My entrepreneurial dream has materialized thanks to my experience as CEO of Propulsion Québec, where I realized that the future commercial delivery vehicle in sustainable mobility is the commercial electric cargo bike. The figures, drawn from various private and public studies, speak for themselves: 53% more cost-effective, 60% faster, and 90% more

 environmentally friendly than gas delivery vehicles. The electric cargo bike is already experiencing exponential demand in Asia and Europe, and this trend is rapidly moving to North America. Additionally, MileBox offers a fleet management system powered by the Internet of things, a unique innovation in this sector in Quebec!” said Sarah Houde, CEO of MileBox.


Prototypes are currently undergoing testing with clients in Canada and Europe, and the first sales have already been made in Europe. The first commercial MileBox products will officially be available on April 1, 2024.



The MileBox electric cargo bike and e-mobility platform are the Quebec solution to the challenges of decarbonized urban commercial delivery. MileBox is a system where each cargo bike is connected, remotely controlled, and configurable. It transmits operational and maintenance data to ensure preventive maintenance and remote diagnostics. For businesses and commercial fleets, MileBox provides a dashboard capable of connecting to existing systems, allowing real-time monitoring of each bike, and to optimize performance based on the driver, weather, routes, and many other elements.

“It’s a real pleasure to partner with Sarah Houde to launch the MileBox project. A true dynamic leader passionate about complex challenges, her reputation precedes her. Her passion and ability to mobilize the sustainable transportation sector will be the key to the success of this project. I can’t imagine a better person to lead this company, and I’m confident that Sarah will effortlessly tackle this new professional challenge!” highlighted Fadi Albatal, COO of Innovobot.

Innovobot is the main shareholder of MileBox, alongside Sarah Houde, and Luis Ruivo and Frank Frattolillo, experts in the manufacturing sector.





MileBox offers a zero-emission urban logistics system, consisting of a four-season commercial cargo bike, designed and manufactured locally, and a fleet management system powered by the Internet of Things. It’s a clean solution that contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while combating urban congestion and substantially cutting delivery costs.


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Innovobot is an investment and innovation platform, founded on the premise that there is a better way to foster innovation that tackles critical social, industrial and environmental challenges.


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