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​​Innovobot welcomes Françoise E. Lyon, Adm. A. to its Board of Directors​

Innovobot is pleased to announce the appointment of Françoise E. Lyon, Adm. A, as a Non-Executive Director. Françoise Lyon’s extensive leadership experience with premier financial institutions and funds, combined with her dedication to diversity and social causes—especially her influential role among women entrepreneurs and women in finance—will bring immense value to Innovobot.

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Innovobot Labs at the InterACTIVE HAPTICS Conference

The InterACTIVE HAPTICS Conference (iAHC) is a place where participants immersed themselves into the world of touch-based technologies. Taking place in Hamburg from June 14 to 15, 2023, iAHC fostered discussions on integrating haptics; enabled networking with experts and promoted collaboration between industry and academia.

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Innovobot Resonance Ventures looking to help tech companies move innovation forward

Zoya Shchupak, Managing Partner at Innovobot Resonance Ventures, had the opportunity of presenting Innovobot Resonance Ventures on Proactive News, the broadcast arm of Proactive Investors, an investor relations firm serving over 500 investment and venture capital firms in the UK, Australia and Canada.
The seven-minute interview highlights Innovobot Resonance Ventures’s history, mission, and thesis.

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Haptic Force: Enhanced Trackpad

Las Vegas, USA, January 4, 2023 – Peratech, a tactile-sensing HMI company, and Innovobot Labs, an
R&D and innovation design house, will unveil the new FusionPad Haptic Force-Enhanced Trackpad at
CES in Las Vegas, January 5-8. FusionPad will greatly enhance the notebook user experience. Instead of
just one click, it delivers a broad range of user interactions, including multiple clicks to expand
functionality and fast, accurate haptic feedback to optimize control. It also eliminates false touch while

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