We are Innovobot!

We foster innovation across industries for the benefit of society

Innovobot is an investment and innovation platform, founded on the premise that there is a better way to foster innovation that tackles critical social, industrial and environmental challenges.

Our vision and mission

We foster innovation for the benefit of society

About Innovobot

About Innovobot

Read our story and learn about how our unique model helps innovative companies scale while benefiting society.

Our Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem

We bring together a variety of stakeholders to enable the success of our portfolio companies.

News and Insights

Our Insights

We are recognized global experts in our respective fields and regularly share our points of view into the latest developments in technology and innovation.

How Innovobot works with you

Lab Team

Accelerating growth through innovation

Innovobot Labs is an R&D and Innovation Design House that tackles pressing problems through the development and application of cutting-edge technologies.


Focused on Human-Machine Interface, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Advanced Materials, we provide companies with a framework for open innovation and collaboration.

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Innovobot Resonance Ventures is our early stage Tech for Good fund

We believe that capital is not enough to enable success of early stage technology companies – they often lack the resources and expertise required to scale.


We act as partners to our founders and get involved at the operational level to help them navigate challenges and address operating gaps.

Innovobot Resonance Ventures

Our ecosystem

Innovobot's Innovation Ecosystem


Who we work with

Game changers

We work with companies that make a difference, commercializing revolutionary and disruptive innovations that have a positive social and/or environmental impact.


Conversational AI for retail.

EXIT – Acquired by Hootsuite


Cement-free, carbon-negative concrete.

Independant Robotics

Elegant robotic solutions to challenging human problems.

Our Team

Meet our Executive Team

We have experience building and exiting companies. Our team provides early-stage companies with the resources and expertise they need to scale successfully.

Mario Venditti

Mario Venditti

CEO & Founding Partner

Joe D'Abramo

Joe D'Abramo

Chief Financial Officer

Danny Grant

Danny Grant

CTO & Founding Partner

Fadi Albatal

Fadi Albatal

COO & Partner

Guy Lafond

Guy Lafond

Chief Commercial Officer

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