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Deep Tech for Good

Seed Stage Venture Capital Fund

Our conviction

The world is facing complex challenges

Compelling market opportunity

Rapid evolution in science & tech

Lower acquisition costs

Lower build costs

Reduces capital required to bring companies to commercialization

Increased computation power

Increased compute power

Enables the creation of next generation systems

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping

Has led to shorter product development cycles

Deep system knowledge of technology and science

Our unique expertise

Complex transformational products and solutions



Artificial Intelligence


Human Machine Interface


Internet of Things

Advanced Materials

We invest more than capital

Our PE approach to VC leads to alpha returns

Capital is not enough to enable timely success of early-stage technology companies – they often lack the resources and expertise required to scale.


We engage as active partners to our founders and get involved at the strategic and operational level. We help entrepreneurs develop product roadmaps, business models, Go-to-Market and IP strategy, talent management, financial strategy.


Our active engagement model and hands-on approach:

  • Reduces execution risk

  • Accelerates growth

  • Positions companies for successful exit

Tech-for-Good framework

We target companies addressing environmental and social objectives

“Businesses can prioritize technology solutions that simultaneously improve their bottom line and ​the outcomes for society.”

Environmental Sustainability

Improving Human Well-Being

We invest in

Game changers

We work with companies that make a difference, commercializing revolutionary and disruptive innovations.


Conversational AI for retail.

EXIT – Acquired by Hootsuite


Cement-free, carbon-negative concrete

Independant Robotics

Elegant robotic solutions to challenging human problems.

*Pre-fund investment by Innovobot Inc.

Our team

Fund Leadership

Zoya Shchupak

Zoya Shchupak

Managing Partner

Sylvain Carle

Sylvain Carle

Partner & Tech-for-Good Lead

Mario Venditti

Mario Venditti

CEO & Founding Partner

Danny Grant

Danny Grant

CTO & Founding Partner

Our advantage

Why choose Innovobot Resonance Ventures?


We engage where others can't

Our unique hardware and software expertise allows us ​ to invest in highly complex systems.​


We focus on the double bottom line

Solutions for society’s most pressing challenges to create sustainable value.


We invest more than capital

Our unique Fund & Labs model leads to significant value creation and lower execution risk.​

For Investors

For Startups