Innovobot welcomes Michel Dubois as Head of its Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 


Innovobot is thrilled to announce the appointment of Michel Dubois as Operating Partner, Chief Scientist and Head of the Artificial Intelligence Lab. He will lead the creation and strategic direction of the AI laboratory at Innovobot Labs, Innovobot’s R&D and innovation design house.


Michel Dubois’s appointment demonstrates Innovobot’s commitment to being a leader in artificial intelligence. He will be tasked with integrating AI into Innovobot’s core operations, identifying opportunities for portfolio companies and clients, delivering innovative products and services, and further advancing the competitive edge of Innovobot and its invested companies in the market.


Michel Dubois brings over 30 years of expertise in artificial intelligence and technology leadership, both in Quebec and on the global stage. He has strong and varied experience in different areas of AI and machine learning, including business, technology, academia, intellectual property, and partnerships, and has worked in various global industries, such as urban transit optimization, banking, IT services, aviation, telecom, energy, and mining.


His distinguished career in machine learning and data analytics has significantly advanced industry standards. In his recent professional roles, he served as Artificial Intelligence Advisor to the Ministère de la Cybersécurité et du Numérique du Québec (MCN), Principal Director at MILA, and Associate Partner in AI at IBM. Within these organizations, he spearheaded cutting-edge AI initiatives, driving innovation and strategic growth. One of Michel’s notable achievements was his tenure as Vice-President AI at Newtrax, a Montreal startup founded in 2008 that quickly achieved global status with an impressive 80% yearly average revenue growth.


Innovobot CTO, Danny Grant declared: “Michel’s appointment is pivotal as it will significantly shape the organization’s strategic direction as an innovation hub. His amazing career and commitment to AI excellence and transformative technologies positions him as a leader in the field and an excellent addition to the Innovobot team. We are excited to have him drive our strategic vision for AI forward.”


Michel Dubois holds a master’s degree in mathematics from Polytechnique Montréal and is currently a PhD candidate in Engineering with a focus on Machine Learning. He has also authored a patent on the mathematical optimization of high bandwidth signal switching. His passion for multidisciplinary environments and for fostering collaboration across industries and roles is evident in both his professional and volunteer work within the community.


Michel Dubois stated, “It is very exciting to put AI to work in this unique context where our employees foster innovation to address critical social, industrial, and environmental challenges across various industries. I am thrilled by the opportunities arising from the smart combination of investment and deep engineering expertise that partner organizations get from Innovobot. It is an honor to join the team.”


Michel’s extensive experience and visionary approach align perfectly with Innovobot’s mission to create value through innovation. His leadership will not only enhance Innovobot’s AI capabilities but also inspire its ecosystem to reach new heights.



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Innovobot is an investment platform that creates value through innovation, founded on the premise that there is a better way to foster innovation tackling critical social, industrial and environmental challenges. Based in Montreal, Canada, Innovobot has business and operational activities across Canada, in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our vision is to foster innovation across industries for the benefit of society. Our mission is to grow an ecosystem for innovation that transforms markets and propels technology companies toward market leadership.


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