Innovobot Labs and GREWUS announce strategic partnership to accelerate haptic technology development


Innovobot Labs and GREWUS are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating the development of haptic technology. This collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to bring innovative haptic products to market faster and with enhanced quality.

Montreal, Canada and Hamburg, Germany, June 19, 2024 – Innovobot Labs, a Canadian R&D and Innovation Design House and leading developer of comprehensive haptic systems, joins forces with GREWUS, a premium supplier of haptic actuators for the gaming and automotive industries. GREWUS’ expertise in designing flexible and scalable haptic actuators in various form factors complements Innovobot’s world-class systems integration and haptic suspension technology know-how. Together, we aim to deliver unparalleled user experiences and push the boundaries of haptic technology.


  • Combined expertise: The synergy between GREWUS’ actuator development skills and Innovobot’s world-class haptics team and suspension and system integration knowledge will accelerate the development of high-quality haptic installations, reducing time to market. Both companies bring critical capabilities to the table, ensuring that the end products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.
  • Premium components: GREWUS is renowned for its high-quality actuators, which are critical components in haptic products, serving as the primary point of contact with users. Their European-made actuators ensure premium haptic experiences globally. Innovobot Labs will leverage this quality in their system integrations to enhance overall user experiences.
  • Collaborative innovation: GREWUS has been instrumental in leading the development of the haptic ecosystem, while Innovobot is champion of open innovation, making this an ideal partnership. Together, they are committed to advancing the haptics industry and establishing haptic standards for market growth. A tangible example of their ecosystem leadership is demonstrated through roles in the Haptics Industry Forum (HIF): Innovobot’s Manuel Cruz serves as Chairman and President of HIF, and Chair of the Touchpad Work Group, while GREWUS’ Elisa Santella chairs HIF’s Automotive Work Group and co-chairs the SpeVA Actuation Measurements Work Group.


“We are excited about this partnership with GREWUS, which enables us to work collaboratively to get more haptic products to the market. GREWUS’ actuator expertise paired with our system integration capabilities will lead to the creation of amazing user experiences,” said Danny Grant, PhD, Co-Founder and CTO of Innovobot.


Ralf Sandomeer, Managing Director of GREWUS, stated, “Over the past few years, GREWUS and Innovobot have worked together to grow opportunities in the global haptic market through a trust- and friendship-based relationship. With our cooperation contract, we will now turn these activities into concrete business cases. I look forward to developing the future of haptics with Innovobot’s deep engineering knowledge, the powerful, unique GREWUS actuators, and our intense market presence.”


This partnership signifies a major step forward in the haptic technology industry, promising to deliver cutting-edge solutions that will redefine user interactions with technology.

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Innovobot Labs is an R&D and Innovation Design House operated by Innovobot. The Labs tackle pressing problems through the development and application of cutting-edge technologies. Focused on Human-Machine Interface, Robotics, AI, IoT, and Advanced Materials, Innovobot Labs provides companies with a framework for open innovation and collaboration, with the goal of creating products, solutions, and IP that are commercialization ready.

GREWUS GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2007. GREWUS has been there for their customers seeking to develop and manufacture customized solutions for industry. GREWUS’ goal is always to offer exactly the right product with optimal quality at fair prices. GREWUS achieves this primarily by working closely with their customers, believing that perfection can only be achieved by understanding their customers’ needs. This philosophy has made GREWUS the market leader in just a few years.

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