Industry 4.0 and COVID-19: why the pandemic might have provided a clearing in the woods – Richard Markoff, PhD


Building business cases for Industry 4.0 is notoriously hard work. Has the pandemic provided a clearing in the woods?


By Professor Ralf W. Seifert and Richard Markoff


Choosing a path through the myriad technologies that Industry 4.0 offers is hard enough, but with uncertainties generated by the pandemic, perhaps the universe of viable options has become smaller and more manageable, and the business cases clearer.


After the tumult of the spring and a rebalancing act in the summer, companies are now entering another stage of deep uncertainty brought about by the pandemic.


Without a confident view of future markets and margins, many companies are understandably scaling back their capital investments.


For supply chain managers looking to maintain the momentum of their Industry 4.0 efforts, or looking for how to get some in motion, there is room for building a compelling business case in spite of the pandemic.


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About the Author:


Dr. Richard Markoff has spent the last 25 years as a supply chain executive, academic, consultant and coach. With his broad supply chain and operations expertise, he provides valuable insights to Innovotive’s client companies.

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